Please follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1. If you don’t have a domain name, go to or any other registrar company and register a domain name. is the recommended registrar and not affiliated with NursePartners. If you have an existing domain name, proceed to step 2.

Note: Remember your username and password for Don’t buy the email upsell from NursePartners will provide 1 free email. Upon registration of domain name, point the domain name to a server.

Step 2. Point the domain name to host server.

Steps of Pointing Your Domain Name.
1. Log in to your account
2. Go To Account, then to My Products
3. On the page, you should see Domains. Under that, you should see your domain name.
4. Click the 3 stack up bullets link, then click Manage DNS.
5. Under Nameservers: Click Change. Godaddy will send verification to your email or phone.
6. Click “Enter my own namerservers (advanced)
7. Enter My Own Nameservers
8. In the field Nameserver 1: Type
9. In the field Nameserver 2: Type
10. Click save: will send you a verification code via email or text message. Click yes to consent to updating the nameservers. Click continue. Enter the verification code and verify code.

Step 3. Please fill out the fields below. The information you will provide will be the contents of your website. Tips: Draft your contents in a notepad or any word editor and paste it on the field.

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