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How To Start A Nursing Agency in Florida

In Florida, How to start a Nurse Registries which is define as an agency that offers healthcare related contracts for nurses, home health aides, certified nursing assistants, homemakers, and companions in a patient homes and as a temporary staff to healthcare facilities.

Nurse Registries employees are entitle to receive at least the federal minimum wage and overtime pay. Direct care workers who provide homecare services, such as certified nursing assistants, home health aides, personal care aides, caregivers, and companions.

Licensure for Nurse Registries and Nursing Agencies in Florida are regulated by Agency for Health Care Administration. The application procedure is in the AHCA website. The application for a license provider is regulated under Chapter 408, Part II, Florida Statutes.

Steps in Starting A Nurse Registries in Florida

Florida is one of the states that has the lowest income taxes in the nation and that is why starting a business in Florida is a entreprenuer friendly state.

  1. If your business idea is a nurse registry business then careful planning is a must since they are regulated by AHCA.
  2. Get Funding for your nurse registries
  3. Choose a business structure whether self proprietorship, LLC, S Corporation.
  4. Register your Florida Business.
  5. Set up Credit Cards and Banking systems.
  6. Set up Accounting system for payables and receivables
  7. Get Insurance
  8. Obtain permits
  9. Hire Employees.
  10. Follow your business plan.
  11. Build a website.
  12. Promote and market your business.

Common facts about starting a nurse registries in florida.

  1. Every business is not required to obtain a license in Florida, but license is required for Nurse Registries.
  2. Registering a business as an LLC in Florida can be done throught the Division fo Corporation. The process filling out and submitting online application or thru mail. 
  3.  Register your business with the Department of Revenue and Internal Revenue Service. 
  4. The state of Florida requires you to file a DBA if you will be operating the name you filed with.
Starting A Nurse Staffing Agency Business in Alabama

Contact all necessary agencies that you feel may regulate your business. For Nursing Agencies, one maybe the Department of Health, Secretary of State, and Department of Labor, as well as tax requirements agencies. Do not rely on second hand information. There are forms to be completed that you only the one will know about your business, and usually must be signed by the owners.  Keep at least 6 years of record.

Alabama Department of Revenue

For taxpayer requirements, the Alabama Department of Revenue deals with state taxes requires to operate your business. The Alabama Department of Revenue assist taxpayers may answer all your questions about business taxes. Contact the Internal Revenue Services for tax information. They usually have forms and publications. In most cases, Federal Employers Identification, Federal Income Tax, and Federal Self Employment Tax is required. Determine if your business requires state and local taxes are required.

State, City and County Licensing

State, City, County licensing officials will determine if you need a permit to operate a nursing agency in your area. Generally, all you need is a state license, but in some cases the county license is required.

Business structure

There are several business structures options, and you must determine is most appropriate for your business.  They are partnerships (general, limited, limited liability, llcs,lle, S Corporations. These are business structures terms for business tax and legal purposes.  You can contact the Business and License Tax Division for more info.

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